Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van

Mercedes sprinter as refrigerated van

Mercedes sprinter as refrigerated van

Multiple transportation means are present all around the world that is used for carrying people and carrying goods all around the world. One of the modes of transportation is Mercedes sprinter. These Mercedes sprinters are also used as refrigerated van.

Mercedes sprinter is the modified version of Mercedes that are produced by Daimler AG of Germany. They are sold under the label of Dodge, Freightliner, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz. Freightliner provides Mercedes sprinter by a complete knockdown process in the United States of America. Mercedes sprinter displacement ranges from 2000 to 3500 cc with a power range from 80 hp to 260 hp. Its price starts from $30,000 onwards. These Mercedes sprinters are available in wide variety of colors with white being the preferred color. The Dodge dealer keeps the information about their Mercedes sprinter quite confidential and provides these vans to the customer via accredited dealers only.

The refrigerated vans are well equipped with a cooling system designed for transportation of materials that need to be kept under low temperature. Therese refrigerated vans are also known as reefer vans. Mercedes sprinter can be modified by installation of internal insulation process and can be converted into reefer van.

Mercedes sprinter as refrigerated van

Reefer van for sale:

Multiple retailers are running their firm all across the world for the provision of reefer vans. Following dealers provide refrigerated van for sale:

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  • Ruvii vehicle
  • Auto line
  • Auto Trader
  • Gum tree
  • Commercial truck trader
  • Truck sales
  • eBay
  • True Car
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You must have encountered reefer van for sale at a lot of places. Reefer vans for sale can be modified according to personal need by these retailers. These retailers have all the equipment and designs that you want to incorporate into your reefer van for use. Most of these entrepreneurs also run an online business where the refrigerated van is for sale. They provide an incentive of customized modification and timely delivery. For more detail you can read this article.

Essential tools for reefer van:

For the optimum working of the refrigerated van, certain pros and cons are necessary. These include:

  • Temperature controlling system
  • Proper insulation
  • Removal of chemical and pharmaceutical products to avoid decomposition of products and material
  • Good packing, storing, loading, transporting, and unpacking

Why is temperature maintenance crucial in reefer van?

Temperature regulation is necessary as it imparts the greatest effect on respiration of products and bacterial growth. Very low temperature inhibits the growth of micro organism while it can produce changes in the quality of food. The high temperature of around 10°Cn will increase respiration rate of the fruit thus increasing their decomposition. So, setting of temperature at an optimum level is crucial.

There is a wide variety of refrigerated van for sale by multiple retailers. Mercedes sprinter can be modified on a need basis and can be converted to reefer vans. When you encounter any reefer van for sale makes sure, there is complete guidance regarding its feature especially temperature regulation and insulation. Find more detail here

Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van – Designing and Building Your Custom Sprinter RV Conversion

Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van - Designing and Building Your Custom Sprinter RV Conversion

Are you looking for tips and help to design your own custom Sprinter RV? Whether you are looking for a mercedes sprinter cargo van or a small version of it, you can easily customize them with a little help on how to restructure these Sprinter vans. When you research thoroughly, you will be able to figure out many different conversion companies who offer a very reasonable price which is quite lower than the typical RVs. If you go for professional companies that may cost you somewhere around $70,000 which is almost the price of a new camper van. So, think if it’s really worth to hire a company to help you do or you learn on your own. Click here to read more info about Camper Van.

If you are comfortable building your own custom Sprinter RV, then you can save more on the work. Besides that, you can easily check if the configuration can match your needs at the right price you can easily afford. You can these days find a used Mercedes Sprinter vans for sale.

Design considerations

Now that you have decided to build your own Sprinter van, you can either keep an existing one as your role model or just try to build innovatively. Prior to starting, you need to make your own decisions. Below are the factors one must consider before going ahead and building a customized camper van.

These are some of the major decisions you need to make before you begin working on your customized Sprinter van making project.

Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van - Designing and Building Your Custom Sprinter RV Conversion

Consider the number of people to accommodate

Depending on how many number of people would frequently travel in this Mercedes Sprinter camper van, you need to decide the accommodation size. You may be able to design these vans in several layouts. For example, 2, 3 or 4 births with 4 sleeping, 2 person bed, a folding up bench seat, and another 2 person bed down flat. Another option would be to have just a regular bunks with detachable or movable beds. Read more at

Location of parking

The style and the amenities you may need to design in the Sprinter van may vary depending upon where you are taking it and where you need to camp it. If you are camping in the grounds, or the RV parks, you may need electrical hook ups and if you are planning to boondocking you would need a 12V DC system which can be easily powered by the solar. Your appliances can also run on this power.

Storage space needed

Whether it is food, or luggage or appliances such as refrigerator, you would definitely need space for storage. While you may alter the space you need, however, the bigger the better.

Sometimes you might need SKINNY cream to fit into some of the small spaces, but overall they make good use of space.

Type of fuel used

Fuel is essential for cooking and heating. Mostly you can design the one that uses propane tank for cooking and heating as this is not only economical, but also relatively safer compared to other fuels. Besides this, it is lightweight and can save you a lot of conversion. The 12V diesel powered air heaters can also do.

Backup power

A generator can add extra weight to your Sprinter van as compared to the solar system. Besides, if you love a quieter environment, going solar would be more convenient.