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Are Ideal For Large Families – Sprinter Vs Transit

Together, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Ford Transit van dominate the light commercial vehicle market. The Sprinter has been hugely popular since it first appeared in 1995, while the iconic Transit van has become ubiquitous, and will forever be the associated with the legendary ‘white van man’. However, which is the better van for you?

Here we compare the long wheelbase version of the Transit with the latest model of the mercedes benz sprinter.

Maximum load

The long wheelbase Transit can carry a heavy 1400 kg, whereas the Sprinter can only manage (a still impressive) 900 kg. So if you need to carry unusually heavy loads, then the LWB Transit will be the best option.

However, the Sprinter is more than capable of carrying most loads and is a favourite with many couriers.


The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has a rear cabin measuring 2.6 metres, and it can comfortably hold two standard pallets. The longest version of the Transit is a large 3.4 feet long, which means it can handle a whole extra pallet. If you regularly transport larger quantities, then the Transit is the van. If you mostly deal with lighter, mixed loads, as many couriers do, the Sprinter may be the vehicle for you.

Because they are considerably shorter than the LWB Transit, Sprinters are more suited to urban driving. For example using the Mercedes vans around Birmingham city centre may be more sensible than trying to manipulate the longer Transit.

Fuel economy

Both vans are relatively economical. On average, a Ford Transit running on diesel will manage around 29 miles per gallon. The new mercedes benz sprinter, can achieve a much more impressive 43 miles per gallon, which makes it by far the most fuel efficient vehicle in its class. If you tend to pile up the mileage, investing in a Sprinter could save you lots of cash in the long run. Click here !


The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is more expensive than the Transit but also comes with a whole host of safety features and options that the Ford just can’t match. The Sprinter also holds its value much better than the Transit.

When shopping for a Mercedes BenzSprinter vans or Transit, the bargains are often to be found where commercial vehicles are more concentrated.Mercedes sprinter for sale, for example, are likely to be significantly cheaper that their equivalent for sale in rural areas.

Appearance and comfort

The new range of Sprinters is undoubtedly much better looking than the boxy Ford Transit. The Mercedes is also much more comfortable in the cabin and is available with many more options.

In summary, if you do not need to carry very heavy loads, and rarely have more than two pallets worth of goods on board, the more economical Sprinter is probably your best bet. If you regularly move larger, heavier loads, then you may want to go for the LWB Transit. However, the Ford is much longer and much less efficient. Also, the Sprinter looks better, drives better and will hold more of its value than the Ford so that you will recoup more of your outlay should you come to mercedes sprinter for sale on.

Cargo Van Rental Tips

When renting a cargo van, there are a few things you should do to make sure your rental experience goes without a hitch.

Determine the size and weight of your cargo

Firstly, you’ll need to make a good estimate of how much and how heavy your cargo load is going to be. Take note of the size of the largest item you need to move and make sure to rent a van which can accommodate that item. Consider the number of trips you are prepared to make. If you really don’t want to have to make a second trip, it is advisable to rent a cargo van which is slightly larger than your estimate, just in case you have additional cargo you forgot to factor into your plans. You should also take into account the van’s seating capacity for additional individuals, if you have people helping you move your cargo. However, don’t rent a van that is too big, as that will cost more. You may find tools like 123movers’ Weight and Volume Calculator, Penske’s customized Truck Wizard recommendations, or CarGo’s Volume Calculator helpful in this endeavor.

Picking the right van rental company

Next, make a list of companies with reputations for reliability. To get the best price available, it is advisable to call up these companies to get your quotes. Speaking to rental people will make it easier for you to ask about possible hidden costs like one-way fees or return fees. Insurance costs, in particular, may vary by a huge degree between companies and between van rental classes. When possible, go for unlimited mileage deals to avoid the possibility of over-mileage charge on your cargo van.

You should also be careful about when you make your reservation and when you plan to rent that cargo van. Make your reservation a fortnight in advance to be safe. Check company reservation policies – if possible, go with a company which guarantees your reservation to ensure that you won’t get hit by any inconvenient last-minute surprises. Know that pricing may vary according to dates. During certain periods, such as the end of the month, weekends, and summer, demand for cargo van rental is higher, and so the price charged will be correspondingly more expensive.

Lastly, read through the terms and agreements of your rental contract carefully. Take note of any extra features offered – do you need that additional insurance, moving blankets, GPS unit or truck locks? If your cargo is going to be heavy, you may want to rent a cargo van with a tailgate lift; if you wish to bring your car along for the journey, a tow trailer may be necessary.

Moving day

Bring along your driving license and credit card on the day you secure your cargo van rental. Upon obtaining the keys, it is important to carefully inspect the interior and exterior of the vehicle for damage. Record any damage you find and show this record to the rental company, so that they cannot charge you for those damages at a later date. Check that the mileage and fuel levels correspond to what has been promised to you in the rental contract.

If you are unfamiliar with driving a van, do a test drive around a car park or in a place with little traffic. It may feel a little strange due to the change in height and size, but so long as you are careful and pay attention to low bridges, sharp corners or narrow gaps, you should be fine. Doing a test drive also has the added benefit of allowing you to check if the van will be steady and stable on the road. Finally, load your cargo strategically into your cargo van. The heavier and more solid items should be loaded first. Weight should be spread evenly across the van base, with particularly heavy items placed in the center.

These are the main steps you should take when renting a cargo van. Of course, there are other little things to take note of; carefully lock your cargo doors to avoid items spilling out and discourage robbery, consider parking challenges such as finding a garage with proper height clearance, make sure you return your rental on time, etc. And if you need to haul cargo frequently, finding a good cargo van on sale would be more cost-efficient

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