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Mercedes Sprinter Van-tastic Off-Road

Mercedes Sprinter Van-tastic Off-Road

Can you imagine something like a Mercedes Sprinter van going off road due to an accident and people getting hurt? A cargo van is good enough to haul refrigerators looked completely off-road with the deep craters that looked like shallow graves in Ladson, SC. After a thorough investigation it is known to have problem with one of the rear wheels which plunged into air with the other side of the Sprinter van leaning almost 30 degrees and looked like it was about to barrel down a hill. Read more at http://www.leftlanenews.com/new-car-buying/mercedes-benz/sprinter/

Points to note

During the investigation it was a fact that it appeared all lost since the cargo van was fitted with the new wheels to drive system muscles out of its predicament. Besides this, more lineage is placed and least accident is expected when the grille of sleek roadsters with 6 figure luxury cruisers and racers would have such a huge disaster.

The competitors

While Daimler pioneered the cargo van in U.S., Mercedes took the privilege of launching the Sprinter van in 2001 under a brand called Dodge and Freightliner. Since then, there has been a steady growth over several years and Mercedes has won tri-star since 2010.

On the other hand, its competitors such as Ford with transit, Nissan with the new NV, and Chrysler with the ProMaster has been booming in this industry competitively. Also, the cargo van industry has been showing significant growth with brands such as Ford, Nissan, Chrysler. Built in Bursa, the ProMaster city is based on the Fiat Doblo also offered minivan as a cargo van.

Mercedes Sprinter Van-tastic Off-Road

Plans for Mercedes

Better late than never, Mercedes is planning to join the midsize van fans when a newer version of the European Vito comes into the United States in about a couple of months in Fall. The name to be given to this new venture is Metris. The SEMA aftermarket show in the Las Vegas is planning to host this new concept to the general public. This Metris is a semi-knocked down is much similarly constructed like a larger version of Sprinter van. This new van will run on gasoline as opposed to Sprinters that run on diesel engines. Click here to read more info about Mercedes.

How does Mercedes Sprinter respond to rivals?

Mercedes need to be on a very competitive edge in order to reply to the rivals in this tough market. In order to compete with the other rivals Mercedes has geared up Sprinter almost 8.4% than the market share to bring it to No. 3 last year and No. 4 this year and is behind popular models like GMC, Chevrolet and Ford. In a response to this, Mercedes is trying to challenge these 3 major tycoons by expanding its 2015 Sprinter vans to include a part time 4 wheel drive with a much more sophisticated control system for stability and protect against winds, thus improving the overall speed of the vehicle.

The challenging solution

A standard equipment with this model would operate higher than 50 mph. However, Mercedes has designed to beat this target and detect the lateral winds by offsetting them by selectively braking the wheels and more than that, counter steering in order to keep the vehicle moving. This also offers better balancing capabilities.